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Terms & Conditions

Dear Customers

Below you will find the general terms of use of our store, please read them carefully.

By making purchases through our online store, you agree to the terms below, so we ask you to review them very carefully before you make any purchase-related process.

Therefore, and out of a sense of transparency with our customers and in order to ensure the best services provided to them, we ask you to also review our privacy policy, because as a result, you, our honorable customer, confirm to us that you are an adult who has exceeded eighteen years of age and is committed to our policy and terms of use of the site .

We hope that you will find in the terms of use what answers all your questions.

First: Terms of Use,

All prices are final and non-negotiable, and at the same time they are subject to change without notice. The user can notice changes while walking around and making purchases.

We ask you to ensure that all data entered during the purchase process is correct at least twice to avoid any errors. The data entered when purchasing in our store is [phone number - e-mail - address - transfer number].

Our website aims to deliver all purchase orders according to the data entered, and the store is not responsible for the delay in sending the shipment to its owner due to the wrong data.

We cancel purchase orders immediately when the payment process via bank transfer or PayPal is delayed for more than 24 hours, so we ask our valued customers to pay attention to that.

You must keep a copy of the receipt for the transfer or an electronic copy of the bank transfer as proof in case we did not receive your money transfer.

All prices are final and non-negotiable, subject to change

Second: How to register and apply.

a) Registration process:

In order for our customers to be able to make purchases, they must obtain an account by first registering on the site by going to the word [My Account] at the top left of the site, then doing the following:

1) Create a new account.

2) Fill out the application with the required data [you will find a * next to each box in order to complete it].

3) After completing the data, the privacy policy of the sites is approved through the box that appears in the window.

4) Put a check mark in the check box, then after completion, you will perform the saving process, and here the registration process will end.

Note: You can choose the registration process through your account on the social networking sites Facebook or through your email in Google directly.

b) Purchase process:

After registering on the site, log in to the store, then choose the product to be purchased and add it to the cart through the icon that appears to you to the left of the product. If the cart has been successfully added, you can follow the following steps:-

1) Go to the top of the site and click on the View Cart option.

2) Select the number to be purchased and make sure that the word [Available] appears in front of the product.

3) Click on the Finish Order option.

4) Fill in the required data [the field marked with * is required].

5) After completing the application successfully, the page will take you back to the window. Click on the option to complete the application, so that you will receive a notification on your phone or e-mail, and then place it in the designated place.

6) After entering the verification code, you will be taken to the page for choosing the payment process. If you are in Riyadh, you can choose payment upon receipt and bank transfer. For those outside Riyadh, they can choose to pay via bank transfer or Electronic payment gateway ,and complete the required data.

7) You will receive a notification via e-mail immediately after [the purchase process - when the order is accepted - when it begins to be prepared], then you will receive a final notification after the shipment has left, bearing its tracking number.

Third: Order Cancellation Process:

The process of canceling orders takes place only if they are still in the preparation stage, but after the shipment has left, the cancellation of the order will not be accepted.

Our site has the right to accept or not accept or cancel your order in some cases, for example:

  • If the product you wish to purchase is not available.
  • If the product is priced incorrectly.
  • In the event that the request is found to be fraudulent.

We assure you that our store will return the amounts you paid for the orders that have been accepted or those that are canceled.

The store also guarantees you that all products are new and unused or damaged, however, and because no one can be spared from error, if an error or damage occurs in the product, we ask you to inform us within three days of receiving the product, unless we are notified, we do not We take responsibility for the delay.

Fourth: Shipping process:

Upon completion of the purchase process and confirmation of the order, we ship the product to our customers in the city of Riyadh within 3 hours, while in the rest of the regions within the Kingdom, the process can reach within two working days as a maximum, if you encounter a problem in this regard, do not hesitate to contact customer service from through this link.

Fifth: The Third Party:

On our website, we use third parties during the payment and shipping processes. Please, in the event of any failure of these parties, realize that we will follow up and deal with the matter with them. Any failure of one of these parties is outside the scope of our responsibility, and we will work to address that matter with all responsibility and care.

Sixth: Changing the terms of use

We may update the Terms of Use from time to time, therefore we advise you to review this page periodically for any changes that may occur.

We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Terms of Use here, with the assurance that such changes will be effective immediately after they are posted on this page.


We thank you for reading our Terms of Use, and we would like to inform you that the contents of this website are for general information and are subject to change and modification without notice.

If you have contrary terms of use, these are not binding on us, unless they are acknowledged in writing and expressly by us, and this is to disclaim our liability for anything that is not stated in our privacy policies or terms of use.

Please be aware that we are not affiliated with the companies mentioned on the site, and that they are trademarks of their respective owners.